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CategoryBrain & Puzzle
VersionVaries with device
DeveloperProNetBuilders & Alefsoft
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Google Rating4.8
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Full version with UNLIMITED levels and a new Child Mode / Toddler Lock, Thank you for your support!!! To EXIT the Child Mode you need to press the 4 corners clockwise(one way from left to right). If you have ANY trouble on ANY phone, PLEASE CONTACT SUPPORT before leaving a bad review. You have 5 lives to go as far as possible. The objective is to put the silver balls in the green holes. There is a silver ball and green hole, tilt the phone until you have the silver ball inside the green hole, when that happens the hole turns red.If the silver ball is moving to fast it will not stop in the hole, the secret is not to tilt the phone more than 20 degrees.Has you progress the levels there will be more balls to control and holes to put then.Also there will appear several obstacles: Green bars - normal obstacles. Yellow bars - they speed up the ball, if the ball gets to much speed it can get out of the game and you loose 1 live. Red bars - loose life at touch. Moving Spike ball - loose life at touch.And several Power Ups: Ice - makes obstacles move very slowly for 10 seconds. Heart - Extra life, only 1 extra life per level. Obstacles Shield - invulnerable to all Obstacles for 10 seconds, during the invulnerable period the silver ball turns red.If you get a Ice or Shield before the effect of the previous Power Up ends the 10 second timer is reset to 10 seconds.The menu key pauses the game.This paid version has no ads in game, it has continue previous arcade game, and you can also customize the game to play locally with your favorite settings. Open GL fast graphics. Power Ups. High Scores. Android Small and Large Screens Supported. Storage in SD card when available. In-game feedback system for your opinion to be eared. Battery friendly, if you aren't playing it will not use your battery. Localized for English, Catalan, Danish, Japanese, Indonesian, German, Hebrew, Bulgarian, Thai, Chinese, Finnish, Hindi, Vietnamese, Slovak, Ukrainian, Greek, Dutch, Polish, Slovenian, Korean, Norwegian, Romanian, Arabic, French, Turkish, Czech, Spanish, Estonian, Haitian, Italian, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Hungarian, Russian, Latvian, Swedish, Chinese (Taiwan) languages available.

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