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Daily Calc is a simple and easy to use calculator for your daily operations. Do all them in an intuitive and step-forward way. You only have to enter a few needed parameters to quickly obtain the desired results.This paid version is for those who want to support the developing process. Furthermore the ads are removed.Features:- All in one solution- Remembers % and tax values- Erase button- Double click for erasing one value- Working offline Daily Calc includes (2.1 version):Applications:- Discount calculator: It allows you to find how much money you will save in only two steps. Very useful when you want to know the price of products that hasn’t the discount applied. Use it when you go sales shopping! Also useful as a percentage calculator.- Tax calculator: It allows you to know how much money will cost you to buy an item without included taxes (like VAT). Useful when you buy products abroad with different taxes.- Change calc: Useful to know how much money they have to return you after having paid something.- Dinner split: It allows you to easily divide the cost of a meal (or any other thing) taken into account all participants.- Percentage calculator: Useful to compare values, for example when buying two different products, allowing you to know the percentage difference between their costs. Also useful to negotiate prices when looking for a discount.Available languages:- English- Spanish- German (in progress)Daily Calc is in continuously development and more features will be added soon. We are pleased to receive any feedback about bugs and add improvements you would like. Keywords: discount, calculator, saving, sales shopping, percentage, money, daily, operations, taxes, VAT, dinner split, change.

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