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For employees of Phone Zone Communications, LLC. Used to send daily stats to your manager in a timely manner, to help the associates have more time to work with their customers.Changelog:0.3.4Fixed a few typos, fixed Preview Message to actually show the preview.0.3.3Added in support for Device Protection and number of accessories sold for the day.0.3.2made it so that when you send a message it is automagically saved in the message threads for the contacts it is sent to.If there are any force close issues with this, please report it so I can fix it asap0.3.1Added in a nice new background, to replace the plain black one that was there before.0.3Changed the way you enter the recipient(s). Choose the contact from your contacts list. Choosing a second contact will add it as a second recipient. Added the option to remove current contacts0.2.4Added in a message preview so you can see what the message will contain before it is sent.0.2.3Added in a choice for location, as well as a sweet splash screen you see when you load up the app.0.2.2Fixed a few more issues with force closing, as well as added in an error message when the phone number is not a full 10-digit number0.2.1Fixed an issue where it was parsing the numbers before checking to see if there was any actual data in the boxes, causing a force close

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