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From the British science fiction TV series Doctor Who, Daleks are a fictional extraterrestrial race of genetically manipulated mutants who are numerous but stupid. Your task is to help that ingenious time traveler, Doctor Who, avoid ever-growing swarms Daleks, his arch enemies. You're armed only with your trusty Sonic Screwdriver, an ability to teleport to random destinations, and, of course, your unrivaled intellect. The object is to destroy all of the Daleks. When they crash into each other they are destroyed and create a pile of rubble. If they just touch you, the game's over. If a Dalek crashes into rubble it's destroyed. They aren't very smart. and they always move directly toward you. Scoring: Sonic screwdriver = 3x level; Dalek to Dalek collision = 2x level; Dalek to rubble collision = 1x level. Scores are doubles while using a "Last stand" Use the TARDIS to teleport to a new location (caution: if you land too close to a Dalek it will destroy you). The Sonic Screwdriver blasts all of the Daleks next to you. Click the dalek icon for a last stand. -Based on the British TV show Doctor Who - Destroy Daleks before they destroy you!Please report any bugs to appsupport@dmrenterprises.comIncluded lifetime free upgrades.Keywords: BBC, Doctor, Who, Dr., Who, Tardis, Sonic, Screwdriver, Robot Game

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