Dangerous Bot – PRO


Dangerous Bot is a puzzle & arcade/action game. You must help your Robot to rebuild his broken-down mate. How? You can guide his laser to fragile boxes and even launch him (with a virtual slingshot) to stuffs to achive get every part of his robotic girlfriend. Good luck!More new free levels each week!With a button to a lighter version (LITE), which requires less battery power.Optimized for: + Android >= 2.2 to 3.x (soon 1.x to 2.x) + iPhone, iPad e iPod (>=2ª gen.) + Tablets + All resolutions  + Nook Color + Kindle Fire And coming soon Dangerous Bot PRO will be compatible with:- Sony Ericsson Play game pad controllers :: Xperia Play Optimized- Sixaxis PS3 game console controllers.- XBOX 360 game console controllers.

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