DarkGinger Theme CM7 (Donate)


*********PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS!!!!!***********NOTICE…THIS IS FOR ROOTED PHONES ONLY…..HDPI ONLY********REBOOT AFTER APPLYING TO MAKE SURE EVERYTHING GETS APPLIED…even after updates**************Rom: CM7 or Roms with the T-mobile Theme chooser included (I will only support CM7)If you have no idea what that means then PLEASE DON’T DOWNLOAD!!!!!!******************YOU WILL GET AN ERROR ABOUT ASSETS..SELECT APPLY ANYWAY…NOTHING WILL GO WRONG!!!*********************************DO NOT MOVE TO SDCARD….WILL CAUSE ERRORS*********************There will be NO refunds after the 15 min!!!!!!!!! So please try DARKGINGER FREE version FIRST!!!If you need help, please just EMAIL me djbryan3540@gmail.com or POST on my SITE http://jbthemes.com/djdarkknight/ -also- there are instructions on my site too !!!!!!PLEASE EMAIL…I CANNOT REPLY TO COMMENTS IN THE MARKET…..IT DON’T WORK comments will not help you or anyone so PLEASE EMAIL ME!!!!!!!If you don’t like it then PLEASE don’t download it!!!!Please enjoy this theme as I made it for myself and decided to share with everyone!!!I will be making icon packs for launcher pro and ADW soon so look out for those!!!There are Metamorph options on my site to complete the theme and other great features that can be added as well like themed SWYPE!!!LAST BUT VERY IMPORTANT>>>>>>>>>>>>………ENJOY :-)DJ Darkknight@djdarkknight96 on twitterThemed apps list:- All stock CM7 apps – (THEMED VERY OCD-ish)- 1% BATTERY…BOTH OPTIONS ARE THEMED- Handcent (WITH TRANSPARENCY HACK)- Plume- FlexT9- Astro – Audio Widget (Free and Pro)- Equalizer free- DropBox- Google Maps- Twitter for Android- Facebook for android- Google Voice- Google Plus- Google Books- Su file manager- Google Talk 1.3 with Video Chat- XDA (Free and Premium) – YouTube- Torch- ADW launcher and ADW EX- NEW Android Market- Spare Parts- Gmail- Quick Google Search Box- Voice Search- Rom Manager- WhatsApp Icon Only- Metamorph- QuickBoot- Terminal Emulator- Launcher Pro- Pure grid calendar widget- Pandora- Photo gallery Widget Pro- Lockscreen widget- Visual Bookmarks Widget- Bee Jive Icon – Pool Party Icon – Issimo Icons only- Root Explorer Icon – FaceBook Chat- Netflix icon- Espn score center- Espn fantasy football app- Word Press- Pay pal- SU elite and regular SU- SU fixer- N3xgen chooser icon- TweetDeck***Status notify Animations***- missed Calls- Dropbox (2)- GooglePlus (2)- Gmail- GoogleVoice mail- Handcent (3)- Plume- Sync- Gtalk- Twitter- Vending (2)- Stock SMS and MMS- FaceBook (6)- FaceBkook Messenger- TweetDeck

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