database apps "CardStock"


"CardStock" is a card type database application. You can define the fields yourself and can import from RSS, KML or CSV file and export to CSV file.If you have entered a URL, telephone number, coordinates or filepath, you can easily open a URL, make a phone call, open a map or open the file from the data screen.For example of database:- As a botanical database. Record the name of a flower and filepath of JPG file.- As an address book. If you have entered the telephone number and mail address, you can easily make a phone call or send email.- As a guide book. If you have entered the information of a sightseeing spot – name, address, URL, telephone number and coordinates – you can access those information quickly. Importing myplace information of Google map via KML file, you can save time of the registration. – As a word book. You can change the font size.

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