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English and Spanish version. Other programs in the market:CONTAONEPRO10, CONTAONEPRO00, CONTAONE00, DATABASEPRO00 and Calctextpro00 . Full version and free evaluation version.DATABASEPRO00 is a database personal and professional program. Databasepro00 is a relational and multimedia database program. It is possible to select values for any field, from those that have been previously inserted in any table of the database file. It is possible also play multimedia files (from the different android 1.6 formats). Build your own relational applications. For example you can develop a powerful application of audiovisual production (cinematography, tv etc). Relating fields like localizations or actors from different tables and get details and totals of working dates for the different related fields (actors, localizations etc.).Databasepro00 has the following work windows:1 Editing records window ( relational and multimedia ).2 List records window ( where it is also possible to delete selection records ).3 Selection records window ( up to five selection conditions and one ordering key ).4 Calculations window ( different calculation options and selection of records ).5 Sql queries window. Execution and data queries. With all the powerful of the sql language.6 Update queries window. Powerful utility for flexible change data in the tables fields.7 Relational reports window. Versatile and powerful utility for creating reports, relating even fields of different tables6 Fields information of the table window.9 Import and Export windows to text files ( 100% Ms Windows compatible, Excel, Ms Word, Open Office etc.)10 Creating database files and tables windows.Includes the FileAdmin utility. FileAdmin is a powerful file browser. It is included the function for attaching files to email.Includes the Download Files utility. This utility downloads files attached to email.Fast, easy and powerful. Save time and money with Databasepro00.

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