Day Planner


Day Planner ApplicationThis app requires no internet connection & will not create needless save points that hog your memory. This application runs behind the scenes and opens & closes with ease. This app won’t drain your battery or your wallet and is designed to be a simple yet efficient way to track notes & reminders day to day without the need for an internet connection.Designed to help you track:-Weekly Reminders-Daily Reminders-Vehicle Maintenance-Work Reminders-Groceries-General Errands*Must uncheck Day Planner on your task killer list or you will lose all your notes! If you have a stock Task Manager as seen in Gingerbread (2.3.4) you need to be sure your settings don’t shut off Day Planner as the stock Task Manager will auto-delete any app running in the background causing you to lose all data entered into your notes.

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