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For the people who could’t see the traditional Android Menu, Please "Long Press" the bottom of the front page logo to bring up the context menu selection.Detect any stuck or dead pixel on your LCD screen. Provide EASY way to fix the stuck pixel. Also works for screen burn-in.No more defective pixels on your precious device. Custom Color and 6 predefined colors to choose from for manual inspection: red, green, blue, white, black, grey. Recommend to run 20 min "Fix it!!" for reviving stuck pixel. If you try the FIX function for several times and the issue still exist, please consider exchange your device for new one. You can use the "COLOR" to prove there IS or ARE dead pixels on your LCD screen. Thanks.permission required: (android.permission.INTERNET)network access permission is required for Google Ads. This app does NOT need the network to work.Testimonials:James DeLayo on Jun 3, 2013 at 2:46 AM"Found a dead pixel the day after I purchased my HTC One. I figured I’d give this app a try before I returned it to the store for a replacement. Ran the 30min test and it worked. Fixed. Amazed. Five stars."Mike DiGs on May 24, 2013 at 4:19 AM"It did take a few days of running this app to get the stuck pixel to go away. I did notice each time the stuck white pixel got fainter and smaller, but it was stubborn. I bought the full version of this app and ran it at 0.05 sec intervals for hours for 2 days. I almost gave up hope, but today, it went away! You saved me a trip to the AT&T store. Thank you! And for that, 5 stars."(Ver. 1.0) six colors supported.(Ver. 1.1) full screen mode supported.(Ver. 1.2) support "fix it" function. flush the whole LCD area with rapid change from 5 different colors: red, green, blue, black, and white.(Ver. 1.3) new UI.(Ver. 1.4) support install on SD. Prevent system from sleep when running fix function.(Ver. 1.5) add LCD brightness control support and about page.(Ver. 1.51) fix minor issue on brightness control.(Ver. 1.60) add color picker control.(Ver. 1.61) fix Samsung S2 lock screen issue(remove wakelock).(Ver. 1.62) Minor bug fix(support android 2.x devices).(Ver. 1.70) Major update(support android 4.x devices).(Ver. 1.73) Fix force close issue on few android 4.x devices.(Ver. 1.74) Fix menu not shown issue on few Samsung Tabs.(Ver. 1.77) Added hidden context menu on front page logo(Long Press at bottom)."Quote from wikipedia"Stuck pixels, unlike dead pixels, have been reported by LCD screen owners to disappear, and there are several popular methods purported to fix them, such as gently rubbing the screen (in an attempt to reset the pixel), cycling the color value of the stuck pixel rapidly (in other words, flashing bright colors on the screen), or simply tolerating the stuck pixel until it disappears (which can take anywhere from a day to years).(Please consider to buy "Donate" version to support us if this app indeed fix your problem.)

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