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<div id="doc-original-text" itemprop="description">Assemble twenty-two red boxes (as shown on the back of this rule sheet) and pop out the dark grey Cover Cards from the sheet.<p>Put one Money Card into each box (face up).<br>Put on the lids and mix up the boxes to make sure none of the players know which amount is in which box. There are 22 numbered spaces around the board. Put one box on each of these spaces.<p>Give each player four Answer Cards (Deal, No Deal, Swap and No Swap).<br>Switch on the telephone and place it in the space above the Scoreboard.<br>Decide how many rounds you are going to play<p>Object:<br>To be the player with the highest total after a pre-agreed number of rounds have been completed. Each round is like a single edition of the TV show. In each round, players take turns to choose a box to be opened by the player to their left. The Deal Phone will make an offer after the first five boxes have been opened and from then on, after every third box has been opened. When the Deal Phone makes an offer, each player must decide if they want to 'Deal or No Deal'. The players who deal, write down the amount at which they have dealt by their name on the Score Sheet</div>

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