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Debt Planner Pro Features:+ UNLIMITED debt entries! (added June '12)+ Payment Strategies and Plans! (added Dec '12)+ Status Bar Notification (added July '12)+ Monthly Payment Reminders! (added July '12)+ Ad Free!+ Clean, Simple layout+ Ready for Tablets 7" / 10.1"+ Will get features first in the future over free version.This app balances powerful calculations with easy-to-use features! Please note: This app is currently set to work with the US decimal system. Other formats: We hope to standardize in the future. (To be safe, anyone may use the app, but you may need to use whole numbers if you do not use the system it is designed for).HOW TO USE THIS APP: Rather than giving us a lump-sum payment amount, you will decide how much to pay in the first round of payments (per card). We will then take those numbers and make the needed adjustments as time goes on. In this way, you have greater flexibility to manage over your debt. And can also play with the numbers to tweak your own plan.*******************What this app does: Tells you HOW long it will take to get out of debt with basic monthly details along the way. It now includes a debt snowball-like payoff system. This app WILL give you a clear view of the future based on the numbers YOU provide.It will also factor in one-time Balance Transfer fees as well as promotional rates. -----------------------------Debt Planner will provide you with a quick, simple way of calculating different aspects of your current debt including the time it will take to pay off, the total interest fees over the lifetime of the debt, your current APR fee, and more! Whether it is credit cards, auto loans, personal loans, you can calculate it!Calculations in this app are very accurate. Remember, if you feed it bogus numbers, you might get a bogus answer! It can only contain so many built-in protections!Disclaimer: Debt Planner will simply give an approximate amount of time (in months) that you will be debt-free. There are many real world factors that will put you at a different end-date. In order to meet the formulated date, you must try to pay as close to your specified monthly payment goal as possible.- This app require two special permission so that it remembers notifications on reboot and Internet access so we provide you with real time updates from our blog.And remember, please rate this app on what it does, not what it does not do. .99 cents does not even begin to cover the man hours of development and is simply a donation. (Yet, many will pay for a $5 coffee from Starbucks without thinking twice!) See Debt Planner Free version for alternative choice. SEO: Debt, Finance, Calculate, Fee, APR, Rate, Month, Year, Goal, Total, Financier, Kicking Lettuce, KickingLettuce, Money, Debt-free, how to, calculate, formula, Interest Rates, Institution, Payoff, pay off, Balance Transfer, minimum, maximum, promotional, balance, fees, loan, down payment, debt payoff, debt pay off, monthly breakdown, Amortization, snowball, rate, bank rate, report, snowball

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