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DeveloperManas Gajare
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Awesome privacy app. Hide your text messages & call logs. The app is disguised in a very classic way. It's a ghost detector app upfront. The app is completely functional & named as 'Ghost Detector'. Bring a magnet close to your mobile and you shall see the change in color of ghosts.To get inside the REAL app, LONG CLICK ON THE BIG WHITE GHOST.You will be prompted for password. Once you enter password you are in. And now you can avail all the features of the real app.Notifications too are disguised.It will just say Ghost detected for any new message/missed call. *** This is trial app. It will work only for 7 days. Take backup of your text messages before uninstalling. Uninstallation will cause deletion of the hidden text messages. If you buy the pro version, then you can import the hidden messages in the pro version. NOTE - This trial version is only to get you idea of all the features that are available in PRO version ***Features-For Disguise part1. Truly awesome disguise. No one will ever doubt that there's something behind the app2. The disguise app works perfectly. In strong magnetic area, a ghost pops up with a cool sound behind, so cool that even the ghosts will run away!For real part1. Powerful password protected vault2. Hide text / SMS3. Hide Call logs4. Backup text / SMS in XML & txt format5. Backup Call logs in txt format6. Disguised notifications.7. Internal SMS sending feature.8. Internal Call facility.9. Undo SMS facility. (Just in case)10. Import facility. (Even if you lose your hidden messages, you can restore them back by importing xml file.)11. Option to enable sounds / vibrations on notification.12. Create a totally hidden contact which will not interfere with any other app in any way.**Some thing is truly secret if no one even knows that such a thing exists!**Exactly like this saying, with our app, no one will have even the slightest doubt that you are using a privacy app. This is how we intend to maintain privacy of our users. The app is super duper classic. Perhaps THE BEST Decoy app available on the market for hiding your stuff. It's a must try!! Tune in for many more classic features.

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