Decrypton: hack to save world!


Decrypton is a powerful hacking system, access to which was granted to you. So you’ve to hack security system of one corporation which tries to establish control over the world….Unfortunately it’s not fully automated, you should preprocess data by directing bits to proper pipelines.There are three security levels to pass, you should pass them at one time, and there is no any other options!HOW TO PLAY——————————–You’re controlling polygon which is split to several triangles of different colours.You should collect bits(triangles) by catching them with triangle of proper colour. Just tap left/right side of screen to turn left or right.Good luck in saving the world!If you love Super Hexagon by Terry Cavanagh(but for free) you will love this one 😉 But it’s not just lite version of that great game and it’s not something like Super Hex Sector – just try it out!

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