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Are you a die-hard hunter who has always wanted to know the age of the deer you have harvested or plan to harvest? Are you interested in improving the age structure and overall health of your deer herd through Quality Deer Management? If so, the DEER AGE TOOL is for you. Created with input from experts at the Quality Deer Management Association (QDMA), the DEER AGE TOOL merges science with technology and will guide you systematically through the process of aging your deer by examination of tooth eruption and wear patterns from known-age deer. Using the high resolution photos of tooth wear patterns from known-age deer, you simply match the provided wear pattern descriptions and photos to the teeth from your deer while still in the field. Tooth wear patterns are provided for deer up to 7.5 years of age!The DEER AGE TOOL is also a resource for gaining insight on another deer aging technique known as cementum annuli, which is considered the most accurate aging method for deer 3.5 years of age and older. If you wish to be an informed hunter and a responsible wildlife manager, this is a resource that every deer hunter should have! The DEER AGE TOOL also includes a module which allows the user to “field judge” a deer’s age by providing details of known physical and behavioral attributes of deer, by age, with representative photos. This module helps the user make informed harvest decisions BEFORE deer harvest.Key Features:-How to prepare the jaw for viewing.-Deer Tooth Anatomy 101.-Terms and definitions with descriptive photos.-Decision tree similar to “Taxonomic Key” style. -Compare your deer’s tooth wear patterns with photos from known-age deer. -Information on Cementum Annuli aging.-How to “field judge” deer age prior to harvest with representative photos.-Important links to other resources.-Content rich and advertisement free!

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