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Possession is 9/10ths of the LawDeliveries of sensitive items require the trust of the delivery person that the person receiving the item is authorized to sign for it. delivID is a simple way for delivery personnel to verify the identity and authority of the person receiving an item. Anyone can show an ID, scribble a signature and take possession of an item. But are they really your customer?When a sale is made, an ID number should be provided to your business. This can be any form of ID but we recommend a number attached to a photo ID like a driver\'s license or passport. Using the admin tool, you enter in that ID number and click a button to generate a short code phrase. This code phrase is sent via text message to your customer. When the delivery is made, your employee will ask to see the text message containing the code phrase. They enter the ID number and code phrase into verifier screen. delivID will verify that the two pieces of information match and displays a confirmation message and a delivery code. The delivery code is a code that is generated by the app and can be written down on the customer\'s receipt and your delivery paperwork. The app will automatically text the delivery code to your delivery manager with a time stamp so that he knows that the delivery was made. In future versions, we will add a GPS stamp as well.This demo version is missing some key functionality like being able to set a manager\'s cell number for delivery verification, choose your own password and other options. The app is licensable from and these modifications can be easily made.

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