Delver is a first person action roguelike dungeon crawl with crunchy pixels.Take the role of an adventurer that tries their fate in the dark dungeons (and probably dies horribly). Fight monsters, grab loot, horde potions, and level up!Quest for the Yithidian orb at the darkest depths of the dungeon and attempt to bring it back to the surface. Getting to it may be the easy part.Levels are randomly generated in each playthrough – you’ll never know quite what’s around the corner.Features:* Permadeath – once you’re dead, you’re dead* Randomized levels – never the same game twice* Loot hoarding* Chunky pixels!Development log: me on twitter: is still in early development, will be updating frequently – hopefully weekly. Buying now is supporting development, who needs a Kickstarter?—-Recent Changes0.66b* Fixed issue with getting stuck outside the level on load / level change0.66* Fixed issue where devices that could play earlier versions fine had problems with 0.650.65* New equip system* Better spell effects* Slopes!* Graphical enhancements* Performance tweaks* Reduced memory usage0.63* Added bows and arrows* Better magic effects* Switched the map icon to a minimap* Charging a ranged weapon shows a crosshair0.62* Engine improvements and fixes* Fixed music / sound related crash (sounds weren’t unloading on quit)* ??? :)0.61* Smoother turning controls* Equipping an item while moving / turning will no longer drop it* Fixed lots more multitouch issues* Performance / memory usage enhancements* Mod supportRPG roguelike dungeon crawl

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