Demyansk Pocket (Conflicts)


Conflicts: Demyansk Pocket 1942 is a turn based strategy game which takes place on the Eastern Front during the Second World War. Historical background: During the attacks of the winter of 1941-1942 the Soviet Red Army managed to encircle 100,000 German soldiers holding the front line in Demyansk, located roughly half-way between Moscow and Leningrad. After receiving reinforcements, Wehrmacht unleashed an offensive from Staraya Russa. The purpose of this was not to evacuate the encircled units, but to re-open a dubious land connection to the out-of-supply forces in a hope to continue controlling the area in a preparation for the future campaigns. Meanwhile, the encircled units, inadequacy supplied by Luftwaffe, engaged in a cutthroat battle for the life or death. One of the encircled German units was the 3rd SS Division Totenkopf, which earned its elite formation status in the fierce battles leading the defence of the pocket – a process in which the unit – also known as Death’s Head – suffered 80% casualties. However, the German victory in Demyansk in 1942 paved way for a horrible German miscalculation a year later, when 300,000 German soldiers were encircled in Stalingrad in 1943, and applying experiences from the Demyansk operation the commanders were ordered to wait for the help instead of immediately breaking out.Game: You take the command of both the encircled units and the fresh divisions attempting to re-establish a land route from Staraya Russa to Demyansk as quickly as possible. To have a chance to seize the top spot in the Hall of Fame you need to skillfully lead units through the Red Army rifle divisions as quickly as possible – and maintain the newly opened route for 7 consecutive turns. All this while fiercely defending the cut-off Demyansk area with poorly supplied Wehrmacht and auxiliary units.Objective: The game is over after you re-establish a connection between the cities of Staraya Russa and Demyansk – and maintain that connection for seven consecutive turns.In order to be a victorious general, you must learn to coordinate your attacks in two ways. First, as adjacent units give support to an attacking unit, keep your units in groups in order to gain local superiority. Secondly, it is rarely a good idea to use brute force when it is possible to encircle the enemy and cut off its supply lines instead.Answer the call of duty and join Conflict series on Facebook or Google Plus!+ (FB)+ (G+)To get a sense of how Conflicts: Demyansk Pocket 1942 strategy game works, try out Operation Barbarossa LITE — — which uses the same mechanics as Demyansk Pocket 1942.Tablet friendly: Automatically scales the map for any physical screen size, while settings allow you to fine tune hexagon and font sizes.Join your fellow strategy gamers in saving the German troops from the encirclement!Check out all the campaigns in the Conflicts strategy game series:

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