Denise Milani (Live) Wallpaper


Denise Milani – owner of possibly the most recognizable breats on the internet – is here for your Android Wallpaper — an amazing collection of sexy wallpapers. Outstanding quality pictures to really enhance your phone (or tablet) background. 100 high-definition images to choose from! Choose to install the wallpapers as a static image, or a live wallpaper slideshow!This remarkable collection of sexy wallpapers has been specially chosen to provide something for everyone, and something for all devices – some look better in portrait mode, some are better in landscape mode. Experiment and find the perfect set of images for you – or change it daily!Features:- Set as wallpaper- Live wallpaper- Scrollable list of wallpapers- Tap to view each wallpaper – pinch to zoom for a better view- Easy to use and fast user interface- Supports all displays, both low and high resolution- Shortcut integrated into the wallpaper chooser menuLive Wallpaper Features:- Attractive cross-fading between wallpapers- User defined time between wallpaper changes- Double-tap on wallpaper to select a new image- Choose which wallpapers are in the slideshow- Scrolls from side to side as you swipe across your home screenPlease note: this is an advert-supported free app. The "locked" wallpapers can be easily unlocked using In-App Purchase, and the adverts can be removed in the same way. Actually, since you are reading this far down… Producing apps takes both time and money. We want to keep creating great (and free!) apps, so we are now using a few new monetization offerings. With these services we are able to create more great apps for you guys. This option includes icons and/or notification ads. You can opt-out of these easily and with no effect to the functionality of this app.

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