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Personal Dental Care: Brush Your Plaque Away The primary aim of personal dental care is to prevent cavities from forming in the teeth. In order for you to prevent cavities and maintain a healthy set of teeth, you need to remove plaque, a transparent layer of bacteria that stays on the surface of your teeth. There are many effective ways to prevent plaque from forming, and these ways are mentioned in this app.This App mentions helpful ways, which when followed will definitely help you in your fight against plaque.Contents of this App :** Choosing the Right Toothpaste.** Learning how To Floss.** Using anti-tartar toothpastes and mouthwashes.Just to brush your teeth alone is not enough. There are several factors to be considered when taking utmost care of teeth. If proper care is not taken, tooth decay can take place, which will in turn lead to severe toothache. Toothache can just paralyse a person, literally. It can do severe damage to a person's daily schedule.This App provides some really effective ways which can help a person to keep his teeth clean and healthy.Grab this App Now !Download Now !Note : brush dj, plaque inc, brushes app, brush teeth have no relevant information.

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