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CAMPAIGN! 50% OFF FOR A LIMITED TIME!◆ About the Game:Detective S is a beauty named Sarah. Sarah owning both the beauty and wisdom is the savior of the police, and also the modern Sherlock Holmes. One day, a bizarre murder happened in a uncanny backroom. The police could not find any clue, so they invited Sarah to help solve the bizarre murder case which happened in a backroom. Let us take action, search for clues and carefully think about it so as to crack the bizarre case of murder in a uncanny backroom.◆ Realistic 3D frame effect:The main scene frame of the game adopts the display effect frame of 3D modeling. Compared to the 2D frame, the 3D frame is more realistic.◆ Rich game contents:The game has a total of three sections wich are separate but interlinked. When you complete the previous section of the game, the later section will be activated. In this case, you can continue to experience the game, but the difficulty will increase.◆ Perfect game tips:The game provides a very sound tip system. When you can not solve some difficulties in the game, you may use the tip system to help you.◆Various operating experience:In order to make the game have a better experience and presence, the game supports the ordinary click, multiple continuous click, sliding and other gestures. The main game scene is switched by sliding. ◆ Realistic sound effect and background music:To make the gaming experience better, the game uses a lot of realistic sound effects and background music.◆Inspiration sources:The designers of this game are the fans of gangster drama, spy war drama and detective drama. The inspiration of this game originates from some plots in the films such as Detective Conan and CSI.◆ Language setting:The language setting of this game is consistent with that of mobile phone operating system. If you want to play this game of English version, please set the system language as the English.

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