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DeveloperHideki Ogawa
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This application is a tool to simplify the management of blood glucose.Data created in this application, by transfer to a PC, can also be a table or graph using Excel.This app allows you to view all information on one screen, and to be able to check blood sugar levels at a glance.- The amount of insulin, medication, weight, etc. If you want the management of notes, "Diabetes Diary", please use. You can import data from "Diabetes Diary Lite".Feature- Before breakfast, after breakfast, before lunch, after lunch, before dinner, after dinner and before bedtime, you can record seven times a day.- Data input is easy with the keypad.- On one screen, the latest measurement and evaluation, chart, list all of the data is displayed.- Up to chart allows you to view one year.- Data can be displayed to the specified graph.How to use- Press the Enter button and enter the measurement time and measurement. That's it.- If you select a button to display the measurement time display, you can specify the data to the chart display.- Tap to display the data in lists, the white line drawn on the graph at the appropriate date.- Tap and long lists of data, you can delete the data.- Press to delete all data, press the Menu button, you can initialize the data.- Press the menu button and press export, the data in CSV format (Comma Separated Values) is stored on the SD card. CSV files can be edited in Excel and copied to the PC.- export destination, "sdcard / DIABETESLITE / LXXXXXXXX.csv" is.

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