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The DMM is specifically for Diabetics and Caregivers that are dedicated to tight and safe control who use MDI or Flexible Insulin Therapy (FIT).The APP makes it so easy to keep track of medication times and amounts. For example, just start the APP and use the large custom keyboard to enter amount (1+ pushes) and select the type of insulin (1). Then press EXIT and done. This saves time over most medication logging APPs.The APP creates a record plus optionally reminds, via popup or android alert, sound, or vibration when the medication onsets, peaks, or other selected time occurs.We will soon add a send event/status text message to inform interested parties when a alert has been issued, dismissed or ignored.When you want to check your active insulin, simply start the APP, select Active Insulin and you see a list of all functioning insulin.This APP was designed by a MDI Type 1 diabetic to save time managing his insulin while ensuring management accuracy.It is especially valuable for athletes with irregular exercise schedules. Aerobic one day and Anaerobic the next who want to use alarms to know when to check glucose. Even more so to people who participate in anaerobic exercise. This app will do this with the least keystrokes.In addition to the visual and audio reminder alerts a historical record or log, is stored in the smartphone. The log, in Excel Format, can be exported via email for analysis or read off the Phone Smart Card.

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