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Based on "The Dice Man" this can be used as either a to-do list for a procrastinator or as a Dares app for the more adventurous. Become a dice man or woman today!To Do List: You can create your own tasks to do, but assign a chance or probability to each one. Therefore, you can give "washing the dishes" a higher chance than "playing the ps3", but if the dice choose the ps3, who’s to argue? leave the dishes and game guilt-free!Dares: Following the Dice Man book closely, you can choose certain dares for yourself, with the harsher ones given a lower chance. Online: As an extension of the "Dares" function above, you can even export your lists or import the ones others have created! If you’re truly hardcore you can import someone else’s list without viewing the tasks inside it first, otherwise you can open it up to see the tasks within before importingQuick Roll: This option will roll a few dice and flip a coin for you, just for when you need a quick decision made.Coming soon:Ratings – you will be able to rate online tasks and sort them by ratingUI – prettification of how the whole thing looksIf you have any bugs or requests please feel free to email me as this is my first app

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