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We really appreciate comments, ratings and likes!If you have improvement suggestions simply let us know!=> http://www.facebook.com/SuperiorCodingDid It! – Awake your memories"Hey dude! How many countries have you already visited?""Uhm, I’ve no idea!""Are you serious? You don’t know it?""Well, do YOU exactly know things like that?""Of course! I’ve got "Did It!"!"""Did It!"? What’s that?""I can add countries I’ve visited, books I’ve read, movies I’ve seen, basically all my personal "Did It!"’s! I additionally listed mountains I’ve climbed, computer games I’ve played, music albums I’ve listened to and many many more! It’s awesome! I can see an amazing overview of all my categories. Look, I’ve visited 23 countries. I can also add a little note on every "Did It!". You wanna know if I can recommend a book I read a few months or even years ago? No problem!"NOTE: Did It! works on all android devices,but keep in mind that the app appearance may vary depending on the screen resolution!For the best experience we suggest to use a resolution of at least 480×320!

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