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Record short notes (up to 45 seconds) while driving or walking. High quality sound (WAV).Want to record a thought ? Just launch this app and talk. No need to click any other button. It tries to detect when you stop talking (provided you’re not in an a noisy environment) and it records up to 45 seconds so it won’t fill your memory card anyway.Want to record another one ? Just touch the screen (anywhere) or wake up the phone and talk again.This app is for recording short notes, such as "Remember to buy milk". If you want to record a long speech, don’t use this app, but rather use VirtualRecorder for example.No network connection needed : notes are stored on the SD card. You can listen to them later: press the "Menu" key/button (3 vertical dots on newer devices). Or even send them: long press on a note’s name. To remove a note, press the "Menu" key/button on the phone, then long press on a note and select "remove". Confirmation is an option that may be disabled inside Preferences. Or, alternatively, you may use a file manager, such as EStrong, and manage the files in the DirectDictaphone folder on the SD card.In order to play WAV files, I recommend using "Android Music Player", free app from JRTStudio. On HTC, we have a decent player by default, but the Sony Xperia default player sometimes fails to load the files, and it loops, which is not very appropriate for short vocal notes.I made this app for my own use, first : I wanted something really simple, for obvious security reasons. When you drive, you can’t type, you can’t click buttons, you can just launch the app when the traffic light is red and go !I’m happy if you find it useful.

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