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READ THIS FIRST!DIRECTV has removed our ability to access your playlist. This change takes effect with the newest firmware for DVRs. We are leaving the feature in so that those on older firmwares can still use it. It is no longer a supported feature of this app.This app is only $1.98 for a LIMITED TIME! Get it while you can! This app will return to it's original $4.99 price very soon!Full-featured DIRECTV remote control! Full control of your DIRECTV set top box via your touch screen Android device!! *** IF YOUR DIRECTV RECEIVERS ARE NOT CONNECTED TO YOUR HOME NETWORK THIS APP WILL NOT WORK!!!** NOTE: This app only controls your DIRECTV receiver. It will not control any functions of your TV, such as volume and mute!Now features & integration! TV shows AND movies are supported!HOW TO CONFIGURE YOUR DIRECTV RECEIVER--------------------------------------1) Press "Menu" and select "Parental, Fav's & Setup"2) Select "System Setup"3) Select "Whole-Home"4) Select "Name Location" and enter the name of the room you are in (for example: "Living Room" or "Master Bedroom"5) Select "External Device" and make sure all three options are set to "Allow"That's it! Start this app on your phone, and your receiver will be detected!FEATURES--------- Comprehensive full-featured remote control surface- (NOT SUPPORTED) View your recordings and click to resume playback. Long-click to start the recording from the beginning. Only works on OLD versions of the DIRECTV DVR firmware.- "Now Playing" status bar notification- Save your favorite channels for quick channel changing. Simply click the star on the "Now Playing" tab to add the channel to your favorites. Then, click the yellow star tab to access your favorites list!- Auto-discovery of your receivers! Zero Configuration!REQUIREMENTS------------- DIRECTV PLUS HD model HR20, HR21, HR22, HR23, HR24 or H21, H23, H24 (must be connected to your home network)Check here to see if your receivers are compatible, and if they require a network adapter from DIRECTV: Wireless access to your home network for your Android device- Follow the "HOW TO" below!** Wired DFW, LLC is not affiliated with DIRECTV. **** DIRECTV could stop any or all functions of this program at any time, download at your discretion **** DIRECTV is a registered trademark of DIRECTV, Inc. **SEO-------Satellite, remote, control, DIRECTV, DIRECT, TV, DIRECTTVDIRECTV Remote Control

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