Disable Auto Brightness Xperia


This app should work with most Xperia Devices.This app will allow you to disable the auto brightness feature of Xperia phones.Profits:50% of profits made from this app will go to deserving members of the XDA forums.Usage:1. Requires Root.2. After installing app, a shortcut called "Toggle ALS" will be created.3. Click on "Toggle ALS" to toggle between disabling and enabling the light sensor.Advanced:Tasker Support! (Kinda) Use Tasker to send the following broadcasts:1. com.hatcyl.android.Disable_Auto_Brightness.ACTION_DISABLE_ALS2. com.hatcyl.android.Disable_Auto_Brightness.ACTION_ENABLE_ALS3. com.hatcyl.android.Disable_Auto_Brightness.ACTION_TOGGLE_ALS(email me for help if needed)Discussion:This apps official discussing thread can be found at the XDA forums: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1259445Please email me if you want to add support for your device!———-By using this app you agree to the following:1. The author of this application cannot be held responsible for any damage that this application may cause to your phone or data.2. This is a paid application. You will not pirate or distribute it.———-Keywords:Xperia Play, Auto Brightness, Ambient Light Sensor, ALS, Auto Dim, Disable / Turn Off / Ignore / Override*Xperia Play Optimized*

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