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Disco Light™ Basic

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DeveloperGuro Labs
Added4 years ago
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Google Rating4.2
by On January 30, 2011
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Disco Light Basic is the ultimate party application! The app has 5 modes; Disco Light, Flashlight, Strobe Light, Morse-SOS and Shake-it mode.* Disco Light mode will turn your screen backlight on and off with the pace off your surrounding sound environment. Your phone will become a graphical equalizer.* Strobe Light mode works like a stroboscope, the speed can be set in the settings menu. * Flash Light mode (torch). The name says it all.* SOS mode will flash SOS in Morse code.* Shake-it mode will turn the screen backlight on and off when you are shaking the phone or dancing with it.Disco Light Basic uses your screen as a flashlight. If your phone has a built in Camera flash LED check out "Disco Light".

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