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A must app for your Better Shopping experience!Discount Calculator Pro, in addition to show the discount in price format also provides a very handy and useful option of having the discount in actual percent format.This becomes very useful, if you intend to buy or sell a item based on actual and offer price values and comes in very handy and useful for the small business owners.Apart from the customers,the Percent option of Discount Calculator Pro app also comes in handy for business owners to actually decide the amount of percent they plan to set for an item.FeaturesPercent Tab (Pro Only) In this tab, discount is calculated in Percent format based on Actual and Offer Price of the item. – Enter the Actual and Offer price of the Item. – The discount percent along with relevant Savings or Loss amount Information will be displayed. – Makes it easy and simple to get the percent discount calculations. Price Tab In this tab, discount is calculated in Price format based on Actual Price, Discount and Tax. – Enter the Actual Price of the item with discount either with a slider or exact discount in a edit box. – You can also enter the Tax if required, and the app will apply tax and gives the New Price. – You can also find amount of discounted value! – The New Price will be displayed along with given discount and tax details. Both tabs have Reset Button at the bottom to reset the entered data.Session – Last entered details will be saved in Session. – All the values will be shown in relevant fields during next time. – These values will be present till reset using Reset button. No ADS! – Pro version does not have any ads! That

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