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A DoBe List is a task management toollike a todo list. You write down stuffyou need to get done and you don't want to forget. ======================================Features* DoBe List* Edit DoBe attributes* Organization by (Priority & Folders)* Delete one or all of the completed DoBes* Share DoBe by email with friend* Set alarm when DoBe is done Notification, sounds and vibrate. ============================================================================Description below of this tool:- Screens- Permissions VIBRATE, used by alarm, this is configurable from DoBe edit screen READ_CONTACTS, used by share, when you share, the contact list will come up and allow you to select a contact to send the email. These permissions are used to nothing else.============================================================================Screens:- DoBe List, main screen.- Edit DoBe, update DoBe attributes- Done (move completed DoBes)- Delete (completed DoBes)- Folder (update)- Help (display help file)============================================================================- DoBe List (Screen) Enter DoBe in text field and have it added to the DoBe list. DoBe is created with priority high and folder general. - Priority is displayed on left side Red(High), Yellow(Medium), Green(Low) - Check box When your finished with DoBe Check it off and it will be moved into the Done List. - DoBe text description - Second line displays folder this DoBe is assigned.- Touch DoBe and drill down into the DoBe editor, lets you update DoBe attributes -- Menu options of DoBe List ---- Sort or group List by priority ---- Sort or group List by folder ---- Folder (take you to screen) ---- Done (take you to screen) ---- Delete (take you to screen) ---- Help (take you to screen) ====================================== ====================================== - DoBe Editor (Screen) --- Share Menu has a share option Share the DoBe with a friend via email. Update attributes of DoBe --- Description You can update the existing desc --- Priority High, Medium and Low You can group by priority on the DoBe List Screen --- Folder (group) There are five pre-configured folders. General, Home, Shopping, Work and Bills. Plus any folders you add using the folder screen. You can group by folder on the DoBeList Screen --- Alarm (set alarm to go off) You can set it to go off when due Or a time period before due date --- Due Date Set date using date picker --- Due Time Set time using time picker --- Vibrate checkbox Check box and phone will vibrate when the alarm goes off. --- Sound checkbox Check box and phone will make sound when the alarm goes off. --- Note Use to add more detail about DoBe============================================================================- Done List A list of DoBes which have been completed. DoBe may be moved back to DoBeList by selecting checkbox.============================================================================- Delete List A list of completed DoBes which may be delete. You have the options to delete them all or select only certain DoBes from the list. ============================================================================- Folder You can configure the folders to be just what you need. Example: I add a folder for each person in the family. Or a folder for each project at work. You can add and delete folders. There are five pre configured folders. General, Home, Shopping, Work & Bills. These folders can not be modified. You can't delete a folder that has a DoBe assigned. Check the DoBe List and the Done List. If there is a DoBe assigned to the folder in question, you'll need to edit the DoBe and move to another folder or delete the DoBe.

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