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This is a documents online view app, you can easily view the documents by directly typing the document URL or just by clicking the documents link in the browser, mail, facebook, twitter and other apps, without having to download the documents to local.** This app can also be used as the add-on of browser, such as google standard browser, Dolphin and so on.Supported file formats include:* Adobe Portable Document Format (.pdf)* Microsoft Word (.doc and .docx)* Microsoft Excel (.xls and .xlsx)* Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt and .pptx)* Autodesk AutoCad (.dxf)* Adobe Photoshop (.psd)* Adobe Illustrator (.ai)Features:1.It allows you to view documents from url.* You can type the document URL to view it directly.* It starts automatically when you read document on your browser or when you click the document link from your mail or any other apps.2.It allows you to view google documents and files from your Google Docs account directly.* View your google documents, spreadsheets, presentations and drawings.* View the files such as pdf, Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint and more from your Google Docs.3.It allows you to view local files and mail's attachment.* View the pdf, Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint.* View the images such as dxf, psd and ai.4.Others* Document page as a image can be shared with your gmail and other apps.Available languages:* English, Korean, Russian, Chinese(Simplified), Chinese(Traditional), Japanese

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