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DeveloperFuzixX Inc.
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★ 'DokiDoki Postbox' is the best way of meeting your new friends.★ You can talk 3 Million friends for Android,iPhone all over the world.★ Don't worry foreign language.★ DokiDoki Postbox has a translation system for free.********************************************************'DokiDoki Postbox' is called '두근두근 우체통' and 'ドキドキ 郵便箱' in Korea,Japan.★ 1st ranked in Korea Apple App store.★ 2nd ranked in Japan Apple App store. ★ 3 Million Downloads. (2012.9.30)********************************************************★ KEY FEATURES ★1. No sign-up is required. DokiDoki Postbox is not require your information. 2. You can exchange message with friends all over the world.Just select ‘World’ when you send amessage. Your message will be delivered to everywhere in the world. 3. DokiDoki Postbox has a translation system for free.Don't worry foreign language.4. Supported Languages: English,Korean,Japanese,Chinese.5. Besides all these attractive features, DokiDoki Postbox also supports many more functions.such as slang filter and push-notify when a message is delivered.********************************************************★ User's Reviews. ★■ AmericaLovee it!! ★★★★★ by Thu Ha, Mar 22 2013 i've met a guy in Japan and he is now my boy friend, thanks doki doki :)■ Japan面白い!★★★★★ by Googleユーザー, Mar 26 2013 韓国の人とメールが出来て翻訳も出来るから韓国語の勉強も出来て楽しい■ CanadaThe most amazing app ever ★★★★★ by A Google User, Mar 27 2013 I love it! - I love it so much. Besides my own country, I can also sent a postcard to Korea and Japan. Yeah! I'm so happy that I have many friends now in Korea! I also want to recommend this to all who likes Kpop,PSY. They're so friendly. ♥♥■ South Korea짱!!>< ★★★★★ by 이정하, Mar 3 2013이 어플 정말 좋은거 같아요~채팅으로 영어,일본어등 회화 공부 하게되요~ 이 어플로 새로 사귄 분이 있는데 계속 연락중~ㅋㅋ감사합니다!좋아요! ★★★★★ Jan 2 2013 랜덤 상당히 재밌고요 외국인이랑 대화도 할수있게 번역 기능있어서좋네요. 저 벌써 일본인 미국인 유학파 친구생겼네요ㅎㅎ■ GermanySuper ★★★★★ by Günter Maier, April 10 2013 Super einfach zu bedienen, macht sehr viel spaß:) Keine Anmeldung, keine kosten...:) Perfekt■ Australiaso very intersting app. ★★★★★ by Gargamrl, May 13 2013i love dokidoki. lol This is really good for make friend■ Hong KongHaha ★★★★★ by Jo Anna L, May 15 2013I have made many new friends!! Korean, Japan, American etc.■ New zealandThis is a must have app for Korean,Japan user ★★★★★ by Bopen, August 06 2012Fantastic app. Well done AAA+++■ SingaporeA very very cool app!! ★★★★★ by Turborush, April 28 2013I like the interface of the app!! Loving it!! :)■ TaiwanGood ★★★★★ by Iutaka, June 30 2012I love it because you can meet many people by it.■ UAEDokiDoki! ★★★★★ by Miss uniqe , June 14 2012OMG this app is the best xD I just hope to my mate soon.********************************************************★ Facebook :★ Twitter :

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