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doo is a free document management app for your mobile device that puts all your documents, whether stored locally or in the cloud, in your pocket, along with the intelligent tag-based doo search. Search and find any document in seconds with the help of automatically generated intelligent tags, whether you keep them on your desktop devices or in cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox or in your email accounts, eg with Gmail. Selectively download only the documents you really need.doo for Android complements the doo desktop apps for OS X and Windows 8 with which you can connect your document folders on your desktop devices to your doo account. Your documents stored in online services such as Google Drive, Dropbox and your email accounts can be connected via doo for Android as well as your desktop apps. doo will automatically perform OCR if needed and apply intelligent algorithms for auto-tagging. Based on its intelligent tags, doo will let you experience the most advanced document search ever.The doo cloud always keeps your Android device in sync. The combination of access to both local and cloud-stored documents with doo

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