Doodle Dawg: Sketch Draw Color


The best drawing app for Android phones and tablets. The full featured, FREE drawing and photo decoration app. Provides many capabilities to unleash your creativity. You can: – Create original art, drawings, or simply doodle on blank canvases or overlaying photographs, – Add scribbles, lines, rectangles, ovals, or text, – Decorate your art with "stamps" & "stickers" – balloons, hats, ties, hearts – even plant a kiss on someone’s cheek- Define your own colors from an infinite palette with transparency! Our RGBA sliders make precise colors easy. – Adjust line thickness from very fine to very thick. – Some apps give you a limited number of defined drawing tools. Use our line thickness, color with transparency and Neon to create an unlimited number of "pencils" – your imagination is the limit! – Save your unfinished artwork as a doodle – Load saved doodles later so you can come back later and still undo/redo to refine your art – Send doodles via Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Skype, SMS, etc. with 1 tap, – Undo/redo unlimited times, – Draw with fluorescent lines and shapes – Rotate the picture to allow text and shapes at any angle – Zoom out for drawing fine lines and details – Full feature Help function – Doodles are stored in the Android Gallery – When you are finished, you can order T-Shirts (and other items) with your artwork! Doodle Dawg comes pre-loaded with tools for kids of all ages to enjoy! Our templates provide hours of coloring enjoyment for kids. Our SMS templates allow you to send an SMS with color and style to match the mood of the message – Angry, cool, devilish, disappointed, sad, happy, confused, smiling… whether the message is "I love you", "Don’t bother me" or "I will be late for dinner tonight" our SMS templates let you say it distinctly and with personality – in style, in color! Some of the uses people have sent to us through our email: – Husband at the store? Send a picture with a notation of what you need him to pick up! – Traveling? A picture of the hotel with "I miss you" annotated in your handwriting sends a very personal message – Lonely? A picture of you with "I’m lonely" sends a personal message to the one you miss. – Get flowers? Spread the joy and the envy with an annotated picture! – Get a gift – Send an immediate "thank you" with your picture holding it. – Babysitting and the kids restless? Let them color one of our templates and send it off via SMS to their parents – Use your art, add text with a message to that special someone. Your artwork on a shirt, deck of cards, coffee mugs makes great gifts for weddings, birthdays, get togethers, parties, office functions, client gifts… your imagination is the limit. Enjoy the free version or upgrade to our ad free/watermark free Doodle Dawg Pro! tags: dog notation photos edit photo coloring book zoom artist expression express drawing painting drawer artist pics scribble grafitti paint draw doodling effects fun entertainment family for kids doodleing painter drawer sketch pad sketchpad skitch color photo pictures spraypaint oil goo ink illustrate doodler portrait watercolor notes stroke line shape fill bucket canvas creative artistic kid playtime drawing app play doodles game pic doodles write talk chat children keyboard alternative colors doodling cool fun finger drawing messaging email texting kids picasso white board dscribble camera utility sketchgram drawpad draw pad sketchbook sketch book sketch photo paintbrush paint brush blackboard sketch mate sketchmate notepad note pad dscribble scratch pad scratchpad contractor tools business apps business tools realty realtor realtor tools drawandshare draw and share photo text on photos write on photos doodler doodle art, textgram, draw on photos, draw on picture, draw on pictures, draw on photos, andraw, Artist or pretender, doodle text, picsart, picturenotes, neon paint, glow paint, fingerart decorate photo, stamps, stickers

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