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by On April 7, 2012
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DotQuest is an epic tale of a brave man on a quest to save the world from Satan and his forces of evil. The game features a large number of items and skills, all there to aid you in the battle against Satan.On your way you will be accompanied with a party allowing you to devise different strategies during combat. Each character levels up individually and so do his weapon skills the more he uses a specific weapon.DotQuest is an old school 2D RPG (Role Playing Game).Recent RPGs just focus on graphics and tend to be too complicated.DotQuest tries to break from the majority of modern RPGs by being simple and easy to understand.In addition DotQuest has weapon and magic learning level making the experience that more interesting.This game is optimized for smartphones, allowing you to play the game without having to rotate the phone and allowing to play with one hand.DotQuest also allows you to use a keypad if your phone has one. DotQuest supports Xperia Play controls.If you need tips on completing the game, or are just stuck please visit: translation become much better.Translated by Mitar Stjepcevic.Sidebook appreciate his tags:dot quest final rpg game fantasy dragon

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