Double Crossed Action Movie


Watch the movie, listen to the mixtape, and watch music videos all right in the app! Visit for more information.About The Movie:Double Crossed takes viewers on a action packed thrill ride when 2 female assassins have 24 hours to track down $3,000,000 and kill their own boss in order to pay off his gambling debts, then save the life of a third partner being held hostage by a ruthless mob boss. ScreenMagic Records Presents 12 Hot Mixtape Tracks From The Original Motion Picture "Double Crossed"Music For Promotional Use Only.Playlist:1. She’s Outta Control (Trae Ireland)2. Cali Got Gun Play (E-Wil)3. Doing It Big (E-Wil & Rough Dogg)4. Snakeskin (E-Wil)5. Slap (E-Wil)6. Twistin Up A Philly (E-Wil & A.P.)7. Kush N Hennesy (E-Wil, Romaine, Mista)8. Kali Grinden (E-Wil)9. Hustle Up (E-Wil & Killa)10. Big Money (E-Wil)11. Mic Off (E-Wil & Mista. Me)12. Grinden (E-Wil)

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