Double Door to Unlock


A real door is a kind of furniture, the double here is a screen unlock app. It is a door in your mobile phone. Functions of this door:1. It has sound and vibrate effects when you open it. Its sound and vibrate effects can be set in settings.2. It is a double door. You will see different parts of your mobile phone though them. 3. Open the door in the left side to look for your contracts. The other door is used to unlock the screen. 4. The phone battery, time and date will be shown to you on the bottom of this door. 5. Unlock the door according the hints. This door here is not a real door, but it has the same function to the real one, protective and keeps things inside. This screen lock app doesn¡¯t have any passwords, but it has a door. We hope that you will like it. And if so, please supply us with 5 stars. Thank you. >>>>>> This app is free for all. It is icon or notification ads supplied.———————————————————————–

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