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Dr. Weed's Guide to Medical Marijuana***ON SALE AT 50% OFF - LIMITED TIME***TRY OUR OTHER APPS:"WEED COOKBOOK" WITH 45 MEDICAL MARIJUANA RECIPES!"WEED COOKBOOK 2" 50 MORE WITH HOLIDAY RECIPES!"BAKED!" ANOTHER 50 OF THE YUMMIEST MARIJUANA RECIPES!"HEMP NETWORK" MAKE MONEY, SAVE THE PLANET WITH HEMP!STRAIN GUIDES:Learn all the various marijuana strains out there. Sativas, Indicas, hybrids, kushes, etc. All with photos for easy identification. Learn what are the TOP 10 strains for this year. Discover what is the best strain for your illness? We have the app for that!GROWER GUIDES:Learn how to grow your own at home or for your collective. Indoor Hydroponics or Outdoors in Soil. How much light and what type? How much water and when? What should the pH level be? All your questions answered. This is great for beginners and the advanced.CANNABIS MOVIES:Remember the crazy movie "Reefer Madness"? We have it! It's comical to watch what people used to think about marijuana and hemp products. How about "Hemp for Victory"? We have that too--for FREE! Did you know the government used to product and make hemp products for out military? What happened to all that?COOKING RECIPES:Learn how to cook with Marijuana. We have some of the most popular and YUMMY recipes for cooking with cannabis.MARIJUANA PODCASTS:Marijuana Podcasts are the ultimate stoner casts. They take civil disobedience to a new extreme artistic level. Do you love weed? Ganga? Dope? Herb? Pot? Cannabis? If you're a fan of Marijuana, you'll love this. McKenna, DanK, Paul the Producer, aka the 'Stoner Circle,' often joined by Brittany Miss High Times, serve up this stoner's delight with pride in doobage and stoney wit. They want legalization. Some of them are Medical Marijuana patients. LISTEN LIVE, Tuesday nights at 6PM Pacific 7PM Mountain or 9PM Eastern Standard Time. This podcast is FULL of edgy 'weed' related hip hop music. Tune in, get high, sit back and smile!YIELD & DOSING GUIDES:Learn what the correct dosage should be for what ales you. How much should you ingest when eating your meds, how much to smoke, etc. Learn which is best for you, smoking vs. eating and what the different effects are for each method. Also included is a complete eBook on Cannabis Yields and Dosage.EC-PPM CONVERSION CHART:This will help you in determining the PPM for your grow operation, big or small.MEDICAL MARIJUANA NEWS:Get the latest news and information about medical marijuana across the country. Know the changes in laws and keep up to date on current ordinances and controversy.Visit our website for more information or to become a member. or Call: 1-619-800-MEDSAll members must be 21 years or older, have a california ID & Doctor's recommendation. GreenDrop operates within strict compliance of Prop 215, SB420, H&S Code 11362.7 & all local regulations.The information contained in this app is for educational purposes only and is meant for people who live in areas where growing marijuana is legal or tolerated for medical or other reasons. Do not use this information to break the law!This app is created by Craig Johnson of and made available to you by GreenDrop Collective & Delivery Service in San Diego, CA. If you would like an app created for your business, blog or special cause, please contact craig@619apps.comwww.619Apps.comClaim your mobile real estate!

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