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Draft is a versatile text editor for your Android smartphone and tablet. With Draft you can easily organise, edit and share all your notes.You can create regular plain text files as well as Markdown and MultiMarkdown files.Draft is powered by Dropbox, so all your documents are stored in the cloud where you can easily access them from any device you have. Draft is still under highly active development, so any feedback is greatly appreciated! # Features* Create, view and edit plain text and Markdown or MultiMarkdown notes* Organise all your notes in folders and sub-folders* Full text search of all your documents* Fullscreen editing for distraction free writing* Smart editing with a dedicated Markdown shortcuts toolbar and lists continuation* Five different color themes* Share your documents with other applications* Share the Markdown generated HTML preview of your notes* Receive text from other applications* Store your notes in the cloud with Dropbox# File formats* Draft can create notes with the following extensions: - txt - md* Draft can import (from Dropbox or other apps) files with the following extensions: - txt - md - markdown - org# Dropbox synchronizationBy default all your notes are stored in a dedicated folder in your Dropbox called 'Draft'; you can change this location in the application settings.Draft provides full offline support, so every change you make to your notes will be propagated to Dropbox once the network is available.

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