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This is the Original Dream Activator, Dream Activator 2.0 is available for free in the Google Play Store!https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=appinventor.ai_Booters88.DreamActivator2&feature=search_resultPlease read the instructions below on how to use the app. Welcome to Dream ActivatorThe idea behind this app, is the principle of Chroma Therapy mixed with relaxing sleep sounds to induce dream cycles. This is achieved by both color and sound. Instructions:Turn off all lights in bedroom including TVMake sure to plug phone in to power and the screen is pointed towards the ceilingLaunch appSelect Dream or No DreamBright White light will fill the room from phoneYou will have one minute to choose a color while the rain plays (screens cycle automatically until you tap the color you want)Touch the screen to select your colorA five minute relaxing selection of music will help you sleepThen let Dreams do their magicHeres a little info about the Chroma TherapyBLUE- Blue is a relaxing color that has a calming effect on the body; it lowers blood pressure, heart rate and respiration. In hot and humid weather it provides a cooling effect. It also creates a feeling of cleanliness, healing and wisdom. Pleasant dreams might be the end result of shades of blue. It is also real people pleaser, the best-liked color, and associated with the ocean, sky, and time off from work. Blue has the opposite effect from red, calming you down while temporarily slowing your pulse.RED – is a warm color often associated with power, strength, excitement, warmth and passion. Red is energizing and excites the emotions. It also stimulates the appetite. Thus many restaurants use red. Red warms the body, increases the heart rate, brain-wave activity and respiration. Mothers are encouraged to stimulate infants’ brains by dangling mobiles containing bright red balls on them. If high blood pressure, hypertension or poor coordination plagues a person, he or she should not decorate rooms with the color red.GREEN – is associated freshness, coolness, clarity and growth. It creates harmony of mind, body and soul it reminds us of spring and therefore new beginnings. It brings feelings of calm, anticipation and hope, and it has a soothing, relaxing effect on the body as well as the mind. Not relaxed enough? Pale green is the most restful hue of all, imbued with healing powers and a tranquilizing effect. Are you on a diet? Green can help. It helps control the anxiety that often leads to overeating.ORANGE – is associated with warmth, enthusiasm, stimulation, energy and exuberance. It’s a lively color, associated with Halloween and Thanksgiving. Orange isn’t as intense as red because it’s blended with the cheeriness of yellow. Orange is the color of fun and sociability. Warming and energizing. Orange is also good for stimulating the appetite and reduces fatigue. Of course, if you’re on a diet, avoid orange.VIOLET – is not found much in nature but has a sense of spirituality, purifying, mysticism, and creativity. If you are having trouble sleeping, purple/violet can help. Violet heightens our awareness and helps us to give our very best. Violet also provides a calming effect for body and mind.YELLOW – Yellow is a reminder of happiness as well as a memory stimulator. Yellow also raises blood pressure and pulse rate but not to the degree that red does. To much yellow can create fatigue. It inspires a sunny disposition, with feelings of warmth and optimism. The color also promotes quick, clear thinking, making it ideal for an office. Perhaps parking garages should be painted yellow for those of us who can’t remember where we parked.PINK – Pink has a soothing effect and creates a mood of sensitivity and love. Pink’s tranquilizing effect has gained it entrance in prisons, hospital rooms and drug centers it helps to dissolve anger and encourages unconditional love.

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