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Welcome to Drinking Buddy, your one-stop app for tracking and rating your drinks!Ever wake up in the morning and wonder how many drinks you had the night before? Or what was the name of that new beer you really liked? Or where all your money went? Well now you can track all this and more with one convenient, easy to use app!With this app, you will be able to:* Set up a drinking session and add and remove drinks* Enter sex and weight and automatically get a BAC estimate* Enter drink cost and see how much money you are spending* Rate your drinks and give a description* View top rated drinks* and moreDrinking Buddy is your ultimate drinking companion. With Drinking Buddy you can track how many beers, spirits, glasses of wine, and shots you have had in a drinking session. You can also rate new drinks and add a description to help you remember your favorites. Feeling tipsy? Drinking Buddy can help you calculate your approximate Blood Alcohol Level. Other great features include the ability to look at past sessions to help clear up the hazy details and track how much money you spent.keywords: drinking, buddy, drinking buddy, beer, alcohol, BAC, shots, drinks, rating

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