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Can you drive with High Score ?This is a game to go for a drive by car. You can drive to right and left by SmartPhone terminal operation.You make much of the simplicity that only enjoyed a drive earnestly. With constant speed, please operate a steering wheel not to come off from a road. By progress in the game time, score is added. 1. It is added the middle of the way two points just to go. 2. It is deducted ten points when it deviates from the road in right and left. 3. It is added a green star-shaped item ten points when you pass by. 4. 100 points of red star-shaped items are added. Red and the green star-shaped item appear at random, and the red star-shaped item appears in fewer ratios. The green star-shaped item appears in the road center, the red star-shaped items are scattered in right and left and appear. When the red star-shaped item does not pass center hit, you do not become the score addition. The red star-shaped item cannot easily get, but high score is added when but you get well. By the degree of leaning of the front and back direction of the terminal, you can move a car back and forth. You may be in time if you move back hastily while you move towards the front, and getting an item when you fail to get.Even if it is mixed up and does not move back and forth,you can enjoy a drive by handling of steering wheel of right and left.It is the touch that is near to a drive game in accord with the game arcade before, before. When you do game over, touch "GAME OVER > " button, then next game starts again.Anyway, it is simple and simple, and please enjoy a game for a sense to enjoy a drive by real car leisurely because it is the game that it put its heart and soul into. I am going to release the drive game of the high-performance version later. Don't miss it.

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