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If you are using your own car or a company car when driving on-duty and need to fill out trip reports (drive journals) and just hate to struggle with printed excel sheets or note books, then Drive-Journal is the right app for you.Enter the current mileometer value at the beginning of the trip and the value at the end of the trip together with where/who/why and you are done. Features:- Easy entry of numeric values using scroll wheels.- Monthly summaries.- Trip reports of one or more months.- HTML or TEXT report formats.- Reports can be sent by email, or shared using other apps, such as DropBox, Evernote and similar.- User defined expressions and variables to compute monthly values of mileage and/or fringe benefit taxes.- Each variable (or expression) can have a monthly dependent values.Browse/search your trips and look at the monthly summaries. Whenever you like, generate a trip report for one or more months and send it out by email, or share it using some other app such as DropBox, Evernote or similar app you might have installed.Do you need to compute the mileage or the fringe benefit tax? Just relax, you can define arbitrary arithmetic expressions based on the traveled distance and user defined variables, such as FuelPrice, FuelConsumption and more. Each variable might have a list of month dependent values, which comes in handy when you need to compute an expression value based on the fuel price.Currently, the app UI is designed for normal sized phones, such as HTC Desire, Samsung Galaxy and similar. We will support smaller and larger sized devices in a future version.This is the DEMO version of Drive-Journal, which means you have all features of the app, EXCEPT database persistence. That means, the moment the Android OS terminates the app, all data is gone. Use this DEMO to try out Drive-Journal and then purchase the PAID version if you are satisfied with its features and usability.TIP: You can generate a few hundred fake trips from the options menu of the Settings page.

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