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"Driver Tachograph" is aimed in assisting the EU/UK HGV drivers in managing their driving hours by "4 simple count down timers". Honestly it neither reads your driver cards nor measures the speed of your vehicle. It just allows you to balance your driving/rest/break times with count down timers at the reach of a single click!!! These timers times are according to the revised EU/UK HGV drivers hours rules on 2009. We tried our best to give you a good product.But if any Improvements to be made or suggestions for more features to add or bugs please e-mail us to droidaceapps@gmail.comNote: Please see the "HELP" menu of the App on the usage guidance.Features-------- 1. 4 Timers to count down the time, a. Driving Hours (4 1/2 hours) b. Daily Driving Limit Hours(9 hours) c. Break Hours or Split Break Hours(45 minutes) or (15 and 30 minutes) d. Rest Hours or Split Rest Hours (11 hours or (3 and 9 hours) ) 2. We know you feel convenient if the running timers are always viewable. This App allows you to keep the screen open always by never locking the screen until you quit explicitly. 3. NightMode option to see the current running timer in black 'n' white mode (useful in night times when you don't want more lighting but want to see the running timers) 4. You can Refresh each or all of the timer(s) at any time by one click. 5. Easy to stop/start the timers by one click. 6. "Other Work" option to pause the running timer(s) 7. Alerts the driver 2 minutes in advance for the timers to go off (Even you closed the App!!!!) 8. Alerts the driver when it is time to take "Rest"!!! 9. Statistics - shows Time remaining to take 11 hours rest - so that you can plan accordingly. 10.Settings to select the "Ringtone" for Alerts. 11.Timers run continuously and alerts you on their completion even you close the app.

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