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Driving Assistant is a great app to use while you're driving. It also runs in the background so you can use it for hands-free texting, Voice Caller ID and answer/reject phone calls anytime!PLEASE READ FIRST:----If it can't read your contacts, then you should NOT try to use it (it relies heavily on your contact list).PLEASE READ FIRST:----Driving Assistant uses Google Voice Search as the voice recognition system, so make sure you have Google Voice Search installed before using Driving Assistant. IMPORTANT: MAKE SURE VOICE SEARCH WORKS WELL WITH YOUR VOICE BEFORE DOWNLOADING THIS APP. It reads text messages and emails out loud, it tells you who's calling out loud and it lets you reply to text messages, emails and answer calls verbally - you never have to touch your phone to do any of that!You can ask it to bring up a map to show you where you are when you're lost. Or you can ask it to bring up a map showing where the closest gas station is. You can ask it for directions and it'll launch your default navigation app with the directions you asked for.Features:--------Automatically checks email (GMail accounts only)Incoming Text Messages----------------------Speaks incoming texts messages and the sender (uses your Contacts to get their name)Asks you if you want to reply to the text messageAllows you to verbally respond to the text messageIncoming Calls--------------Speaks the caller's name if the caller is in your Contacts, otherwise it speaks the phone numberAllows you to answer the call verbally or send the call directly to voicemailSend a text message-------------------Allows you to verbally send a text message to one of your contacts or any other phone numberMake a call-----------Allows you to verbally call one of your contacts or any other phone numberWhere Am I? and Show Map------------------------Ask it this and it brings up Google Maps to show you where you are - helpful when you're lostFind restaurants, Find coffee shops in New York, etc----------------------------------------------------Ask it to find something and it'll bring up Google Maps with the locations of what you're trying to find as red pinsDirections 123 Apple Way, Las Vegas, Directions Staples Center--------------------------------------------------------------Ask it this and it'll bring up your default navigation app with the directions you asked forSpeak Louder------------Say this and Driving Assistant will speak louderSpeak Softer------------Say this and Driving Assistant will speak softerSearch------Say Search to perform a web search using your default browserOpen----Say Open to open an app on your phone such as Pandora, email, etcBlueTooth On------------This turns your BlueTooth device onBlueTooth off------------This turns your BlueTooth device offChange Mode-----------Driving Assistant works in two ways.The first way is always listening to you and it waits for you to say its' "wake up" phrase. You can define the wake-up phrase. This mode does use the battery a lot since it's constantly listening.The second mode just sits idle until you swipe the screen anywhere. Once you swipe the screen, Driving Assistant is waiting for you next voice command.Say Change Mode to switch between these two modes.Additional Voice commands after you bring up the map using "Where Am I?":--------------------------------------------Show Traffic------------This will show traffic conditions on the mapHide Traffic------------This will hide traffic conditions on the mapShow Satellite--------------This will show the map as a arial view - helpfull when you're trying to find a buildingHide Satellite--------------This will return the map to the default street viewCloser-----This will zoom inFarther-------This will zoom outHide Map--------This will hide the mapVisit http://markderrico.com/drivingassistant for instructions

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