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ATTENTION: Droid Towers has now been open sourced. I am looking for people to help work on the game. I will provide full visibility into the game’s finances and split the funds with you. If you’re interested, please email phil@happydroids.com!You are the architect, building manager, and landlord in this realtime simulation game.Droid Towers is free to play, with absolutely ZERO in game currency to purchase. There is an available "unlimited" version which can be unlocked via an in-game purchase. The unlimited version will unlock: Sky Lobbies, building higher than 15 floors or wider than 40 grid spaces.Permissions used:External Storage – To save your towers.Access Network State/Internet – To allow you to connect to happydroids.com so you can share towers with your friends.Vibrate – Haptic feedback!Billing – To purchase the unlimited version, if you want to :PTablet ready, works especially well on the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10!Inspired by the classics Yoot Tower and Sim Tower from the 1990’s. No other skyscraper building game on Google Play lets you build like the original tower sims.Yoot Tower is a registered trademark of Sega. Sim Tower is a trademark of Maxis.

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