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Compiler for the Zone Diet developed by Dr. Barry SearsZone Diet and Android are two things that in the last two years have brought great benefits in my life. The only negative aspect of Zone Diet is the difficulty of managing the food planning. So my objective is the creation of a software that facilitates my life and all "zoned person". This needs creates DroidZone, an application that allows you to manage food, meal and planning according to the principles of the Zone diet.With DroidZone you can manage a database of over 500 foods, each of which specifies the content of macronutrients and glycemic index.Use these foods (or add others) to create your own meals composite by 1,2,3 or 4 blocks. Depending on the amount of ingredients and the number of blocks , DroidZone will let you know if the meal is in the zone or not.With your meals in the zone of database you can handle a food planning for each day of the year, deciding what to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.Starting from your planning DroidZone you will AUTOMATICALLY generate a shopping list.DroidZone allows management of multiple user profiles.For each profile, you can calculate your lean body mass and, according to your physical activity, the daily number of blocks needed (of course no less than 11 ...)The development of this application has required a lot of work but i'm not yet satisfied.There are many other features that I find useful, and I wish they were present in DroidZone.However, I decided to publish this app now because I would like to proceed with the development together with your advice. For any problems or if you want new features that you would like more in your DroidZone do not hesitate to contact me .With your help we will make this application the best and the most useful of all.NOTE 1: The application is completely free and I'd like to keep it that way to allow everyone to be able to evaluate and use. If you like my job you can thank me simply clicking sometimes on the banners. This does not cost you anything but I can be gratified first of all morally (in the sense that I made something useful for you) and economically (which never hurts ..)PERMISSION: The application requires permission to use internet because of the ads.

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