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IF YOU DON'T APPRECIATE THE DIPLOMACY BOARD GAME YOU PROBABLY WON'T APPRECIATE THIS GAME!Droidippy is a Diplomacy like game running on devices compatible with Android 2.2 and having at least one Google account.If you have never played Diplomacy it could perhaps be explained as being a mix of Risk, Poker, Chess and Rock-Paper-Scissors. It was supposedly the favorite game of John Kennedy and Henry Kissinger.If you have any problems, questions, comments, praise or complaints don't hesitate to send an email to!If you have ideas for improvements, or other suggestions, you can also post them on the discussion with other players, go to or join* Several simultaneous (for premium users) games with anonymous players or your friends from all over the world.* Create your own games, configure them to your liking and invite people to join the stabbing!* Keeps track of your deadline reliability, and sets you up with players of similar reliability.* Vector based map with zooming, panning and click to enter orders.* Instant messaging, one on one and in a conference channel, in each game.* Game global help and talk chat channel.* Configurable notifications when messages are sent, phases resolved and games end.* Browse history of games to check the performance of friend and foe alike.* Clearly stated orders and results in text, if the point and click interface confuses.* A web interface for your friends unlucky enough not to own an Android device, or for those times when you prefer a full size keyboard: http://droidippy.oort.seNote:* If you find that nobody commits in time or knows the rules make sure that you still commit your orders reliably, because the next time you join a game you will be paired with others having the same level of reliability. And the games get a lot more interesting when you play against reliable players!* Droidippy contains no explanations about the rules of the game. See for a full description of the rules.* Joining a game is serious business. A player that abandons a game will ruin the game for his or her fellow players. Please only join a game if you are actually interested in following it through to the end.In response to negative comments: Please make it possible for me to reach you and get enough info about your issues to enable me to fix them, otherwise the game will keep being "rubbish" and "doesn't work". For example, send an email or post on the web page? If you care enough to write it down in a comment, don't you care enough to let me fix your issue? I would like to think that you post the comments for other reasons than that you like writing bad reviews.

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