If the tweet is an error, please re-authentication of Twitter in v3.2.4 or higher.You can Tweet #NowPlaying to Twitter and Facebook what you are listening in music player after installing DroidNP.Supported player:These are confirmed by free version or trial version.As of Mar 17, 2013.jetAudioAs of Jan 22, 2012.MediaPlusAs of July 2, 2011.Android Default Player (It is different from a standard player of each device.)RealPlayerMeridianWinamp3 (Cubed)Music ModSongbirdMortPlayer *3PowerAMP *1 or *2 or *3Grooveshark *1Zimly *2MixZing *3 (It takes time to respond.)DroidNP Plugin Supported playerand more…*1 Enable Last.fm scrobbling in settings.*2 Enable SLS scrobbling in settings.*3 Enable ScrobbleDroid scrobbling in settings.Notes:Supported share.Supported search.Supported bit.ly.Supported mushroom.Support:Twitter:@madmamormp.androidapps@gmail.comAutomation Tweet is not scheduled.Anyone can develop plugin application for DroidNP. https://github.com/mp-android/SampleDNPPluginhttps://github.com/mp-android/SampleDNPProvider–By @madmamor

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